How to Calculate Your Hot Ratio

This is not the same as the number of folks you have sex with. This is the number of folks you’d consider moving to Africa for, or Santa Clarita Valley.  Based on looks alone, before they open their mouths.

I’ve done the math. I shop way out of my league. Way. Well, they think so.

My personal example: I find 1 hot guy every 4 months. Since I go out 4 nights a week and scour 100 men at 3 places, I see 4800 men per month. Multiply by 4 months.  1:19,200 = .0000521. That’s five 1/1000ths of a percent of men attractive to me! What can I say? I’m selective.

Formula = Divided the number of hot ones by the total number of people you encounter.  What’s your ratio?

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