Top 5 Dating Sites: Hooking Up for the Lazy

Does my hook-up have a degree? Dating Netiquette: What do you do when you see profiles of folks you recognize from the ‘hood?  I send a little message that says hi. But then again, I am socially inept. So maybe don’t do that. It makes boys uncomfortable. They get a big head and think you want to marry them. Cause that’s why they’re there — for marriage. Right.

  Match Surprisingly strict about no bikini shots. Zero tolerance. Even on my SCUBA boat. Never did get any dates out of that one, but seems like most local folks are on it. $39.99/month.

  Ok CupidGlossy. User friendly. Fun quizzes. Honest guys, like the married one from Canada who contacted me 8 min after setting up my   profile. Managed to get myself kicked off of this site.  Really. Boys thought that sending links to my webpage was “spam.” They were insulted and reported me. I got about 4 new fans out of it, but zero dates. BTW if you mysteriously can’t log into your account for 4 days in a row, it means they straight kicked you out! Still my favorite, though. Free.

  eHarmony  — No swear words permitted, but they do allow bikini shots. Do not like the fact that you can’t search by radius! I’m just not willing to drive. They only send you matches who are compatible. Had one date. A guy who had me sipping on water. Not sure if he combed his hair. I was easily over-dressed for our Counter Burger meet n greet. $59.99/mo. About $40 with multi-month package.

  Plenty of Fish Lots of creeps. Cheap ones. Went on 4 dates. One guy took me to a steak house. We sat at the bar. He sipped on water, while I got to smell tri-tip. Decided at this point to stop dressing up for trash. Free.

  H ow About We . . . — Great concept of posting ideas of activities you’d like to do. Claims to be free, until you wanna contact someone. No dates. Didn’t want to spend the $14.99/month.

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