Throwing Negs is so 2005

Dating tip 11: Boys, you all need to quit with the “throwing negs.”  That’s so 2005. Quit insulting girls. Stop trying to show how funny you are by mocking us.  Try it boys, try talking to a girl the way you’d talk to a hot female boss. Respectful.  Don’t fight  with me like I’m your sister! Ergh! There are so many unworthies out there, that with a normal amount of human courtesy, you can easily outshine your brethren. Go forth.

And girls, we are not going to tolerate it. A guy gets two chances, just in case he’s nervous. When a boy insults you, tell him not to talk to you that way. If he persists, shake your head and walk away. Immediately find a nicer guy and hit on him. Most effective if this nice guy is in visible eye range of the jerky guy. We are trying to eliminate mean-ness here. This is my decree.

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