Relationship Resource: Evan Marc Katz

Best Dating Advice Guru: Evan Marc Katz. Great news! A man who says you don’t have to wait 90 days to get it on. You can sleep with someone as soon as you want to, as long as you are prepared to handle the consequences of it not being a relationship in the morning. All of Evan’s advice is spot-on, every time.  It’s so straightforward, you may feel the need to buckle your seatbelt . He’s concise. Doesn’t waste time couching unpleasant information with a bunch of fluff, just because you’re a girl. Logical and solution oriented. Blunt, but not rude. Tender, but not sappy.  REAL- istic. Provides hope, as long as you can give up your plan and your list, and any arbitrary rules. Basically he tells women to alter their standards and quit having this kooky-ass fairy princess ideal in their heads about the perfect man. Even the reader comments on his blog are worthwhile.  No trolls are allowed. That’s refreshing in and of itself.  I have yet to disagree with any of his advice. Earned my stamp of approval.  Now if I could just get my girlfriends to quit whining and get onboard . . .


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